Rasmus Eriksson

Game Designer



Junior Level Designer | Starbreeze, Uppsala


From February 27th -12 to April 27th -12 I´m worked as a Junior Level Designer on

Cold Mercury and a to be announced project.


Main Duties:


- Creating indoor and outdoor game environments for 1st and 3rd Person games.


- Creating and scripting AI encounters.


- Creating interactive worlds that respond to the players interaction


- Worked extensively with landscape sculpting tools.


As a level designer I was tasked with bringing across the game designers and concept artists vissions from the 2d plain to the 3d relm of the game and from that concept create interesting, fun and challanging levels.


At Starbreeze I also worked for some time as a QA Tester before being transferd over to level design.


My main duties as a QA tester:


- Latest build testing and regression of previous issues.


- Weapon progression testing, including upgrades thereof.


- Game Balancing with focus on weapons.


- Bug reporting through Hansoft and Devtrack.


- Multiplayer testing within a group of 8.


During my time as a QA tester I learned more about game development that during my whole life up to that point. To be involved in all aspects of the game gave me a fantastic insight into the creation of games on a AAA level.



The Fireball

It's all about tight leather and guns in the future !

The Firemode

4 Co - Op, where I spent most of my time as a QA Tester

Plasma Boost

Weapons Testing was another of my big responsibilities at Starbreeze.

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